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The role of education and training in helping young people to transition into employment is complex. Industry complains 80%+ graduates are unemployable.

The syllabus of western countries is industry-oriented, but our graduates require training due to a lack of congruency between industry and education. Every year thousands of graduates pass out of college but only a handful of them are trained in skills that employers need now.

The idea of ETOE was born out of the need for a common hub to bring various stakeholders of education such as Students, Colleges, Institutes, communities, and Industry together.

Our product has 9 modules and is designed for students to choose the college and course of their interest, putting them on industrial tours and internships and finally preparing these students to be employable by training effectively. Our product also helps Colleges to attract top faculty and facilitate student services. By engaging with ETOE, Industries will get well-groomed freshers who will add value from the day1 of joining.

ETOE ACCESS - Admissions Program

In the recent past, the migration rate from rural areas to urban areas as well as from one state to another state or country to pursue higher education is quite high. Most of the students are unaware of the institutes, and the courses they can take up. Therefore the parents and students seek the support of middlemen for admissions in various colleges. Despite spending a lot of time and money on these middlemen, the parents and students are still clueless about the process and transparency of their admission.

On the other hand, Colleges too are looking forward to getting students admitted into their Colleges without much of a hassle. Due to the lack of a good system to attract students, Colleges too are dependent on Middlemen. Despite their dependency on middlemen, the colleges are unable to fill the seats due to the reasons mentioned above.

ETOE is here, to provide a transparent process of admissions for both students and colleges. All the aspiring students for admission into colleges can log in to our “portal” for free or call our Customer Success team for further information.

ETOE BIG LEAGUE - Placements Program

Providing opportunities to students in various industries is an essential part of educational institutions’ responsibility as it lays an early foundation for the students to choose their careers from several opportunities. Many colleges are struggling to provide guidance and placement opportunities to their students despite having training and placement cell.

On the other hand, Industries go through the tedious process of researching, registering, approvals, permissions, forming a team, and finally scheduling the campus drive for placements. But still, there is no guarantee that the companies get the right candidates they are looking for!

Our Student placement program ETOE ARCADE is a very unique and holistic program that not only grooms the student well but also provides 5 guaranteed interview opportunities. Our experienced Training Specialists and Management experts will work with the students in placing them in 600+ empanelled companies.

ETOE INTERN - Internship Program

An internship is an opportunity an employer offers to students interested in gaining work experience in specific industries and an important step in building a solid career. The internship will inculcate exposure and experience in a specific area of students’ academics, thereby enhancing their understanding of the subject through real-time application. Industries also prefer to recruit students who have completed their internships as they have prior exposure to the work environment. For students, internship experiences will greatly boost their careers along with the chances of securing a relevant and better position.

ETOE provides the opportunity for students and colleges to choose internships in companies across the country. On the other hand, ETOE facilitates companies to recruit interns without going through the pain of recruitment.

All the students who are willing to take the internship through our 600+ empanelled companies can log in to our “portal” or call our Customer Success team for further information.

ETOE INDUSTRY CONNECT - Industrial Visit Program

Industrial visits, as a part of the curriculum, are intended to provide a first-hand experience of the academic knowledge and to understand the real-world application of the theory learned, along with providing an insight into the working of the industry and allows interacting with experts in the field to get better insights on the roles, responsibilities and other requirements of the positions the students will be seeking in the future.

ETOE facilitates the industrial visits by imparting an application, wherein the companies already registered can release a prior schedule about the details of the visit.

All the students who are willing to be a part of Industrial Visits through our 600+ empanelled companies can log in to our “portal” or call our Customer Success team for further information.

ETOE INDUCT - Faculty Recruitment Program

Traditionally, faculty for colleges are recruited from the competition and through word of mouth within colleges. The sourcing of faculty adopted by educational institutes is limited to print media within a zone or state and some referrals. The faculty requirement is not reaching a wide area and is restricted to limited zones, thereby forcing the colleges to choose from a smaller pool. Even the faculty do not have visibility to these requirements as they might be far away. They are losing the opportunity to teach in colleges of their choice with better infrastructure, research, and training facilities.

ETOE thus becomes an exclusive portal for the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff as it is interconnected with peer educational institutions, industry, and the corporate.

All the Teaching and Non-teaching staff who are willing to find better opportunities can log in to our “portal” or call our Customer Success team for further information.

ETOE ACADEMIA : Experience Sharing Program

Students and faculty love sharing their academic experiences and need a platform to interact. Social media forums distract the interests and therefore are not suitable for students and faculty with similar interests. Few students and faculty are interested in writing articles, providing ideas and suggestions, or discussing contemporary topics.

ETOE provides the opportunity for both the students and faculty to share their experiences with others across the globe!

ETOE WIZARD - Connect with Expert Program

Teaching and learning is a process that includes many things and has many aspects to it. The majority of learning still happens in both physical and virtual platforms where they exchange views, questions, and answers. Students learn and understand better when they are taught by accomplished and experienced teachers. Many students go through textbooks and are unaware of their authors. Interacting directly with authors helps the students will not only boost student’s performance but also help them to understand the subject better.

ETOE provides the opportunity to students where they can hear and interact directly with the authors of their academic books and with industry leaders to learn and listen to real-time world expertise and experiences.

All the students who are willing to connect with the Authors can log in to our “portal” or call our Customer Success team for further information.

ETOE JAMBOREE - Events Connect Program

Hosting an event is not everyone’s cup of tea; however, some people are good at hosting events. Events bring people together and allow them to build critical thinking skills such as negotiation skills, people management, planning, teamwork, advertising to name a few.

ETOE will be your partner in all your events whether it is cultural, social, or academic, and helps in organizing conclaves and conferences.

All the Event Specialists who are willing to be a part of the College Events can log in to our “portal” or call our Customer Success team for further information.

ETOE VENDOR CONNECT: Vendors Connect Program

College infrastructure plays a vital role in providing a congenial environment and quality education to students. Colleges need to identify the required physical and digital infrastructure and for this, and they need to research on availability and procure quality assets with superior service and support at optimal prices. These manufacturers, dealers, or suppliers of various such materials or equipment are at distant places or dispersed locations that do not fall within the reach of the colleges. A few times, though the college has access to facilities, they would not perform additional research on getting better service or quality product at an optimal price and would avail the services as is and as per vendor list.

On the other hand, the Vendors which include manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers too cannot do door-to-door marketing to remind the college time and again about their needs. This wide gap between the vendor and institute could be addressed by sharing a common platform with access to the requirement from colleges with a search facility for specific equipment or service-based vendors.

ETOE provides the platform that helps to obtain high-quality goods and services at competitive prices as we partner with businesses that serve the markets we serve.