ETOE is an EdTech company with a mission to help graduating students find the right opportunities in companies, and take them from EDUCATION to EMPLOYMENT.

ETOE Elevate is a FREE program for talented individuals to get the right guidance and placement assistance from among the 600+ companies we are partnered with.

  • Are you a bright student who gave your 100% in college and fared well in academics?
  • Are you surprised that you didn’t crack that dream interview?
  • Or are you upset that covid restricted your campus recruitment opportunities?
  • So why wait any longer, take the talent test and leave us to do the rest.

ETOE would like to help talented students find great career opportunities. ETOE ELEVATE is a special program designed exclusively for Bright and Talented Graduates who are looking to start their careers with great opportunities. ETOE ELEVATE program is FREE. Under the ETOE ELEVATE program, we will help you acquire the necessary Industry Ready Skills and provide you with interview opportunities in over 600 companies that have partnered with us. 

We identify students who are bright and talented but could not get placed in campus due to various reasons. We ensure that these students receive the right guidance and mentorship and are placed in good companies with competitive packages. If you are a bright student in search of a great kick start to your career then this program is for you.

At ETOE, we have understood that many bright and talented students did not stand a chance at campus placement due to covid related restrictions and challenges. We do not want these situations to limit your possibilities and we would like to give you what you think you may have lost – A GREAT START TO A FRESH CAREER. Join the ETOE ELEVATE program today where we mold you to write your own story.

Who we are?

We are an Ed-tech startup that connects students, colleges and Industries.

What we do?

We are here to bridge the gap inbetween education and employment.

How we do?

We are already partnered with 500+ companies for placements.

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Most frequent questions and answers

ETOE ELEVATE is a specially designed program for students who are bright and talented. Many companies have frozen campus recruitment drives as the teams are unable to travel and stay in different locations due to pandemic. Many employers also prefer to avoid campus placement drives to reduce contact with multiple students.

The ETOE Elevate program helps these students with finding a great career opportunity. We will guide you with the necessary skills and find opportunities for you in over 600 companies that we have partnered with.

In order to participate in the program, a student will be required to register on our webspage. Upon registering you will be asked to take the talent test. The test is a basic assessment test to understand your language ability, aptitude and reasoning skills. Once selected, you will be intimated by the team and will be allocated a batch.
Students are expected to join and participate in the batch assigned to them and will not be allowed to reschedule. 

Upon completion of the training and evaluation, students will be given interview opportunities for absolutely free

Our Top-notch training specialists come from a very strong background of Public Speaking, Soft Skills and Certifications. Our trainers are highly qualified and each of them take pride as experts in the area of “Placements”. They have a combined experience in training of 100+ years.

Our trainers are certified from BIPD (British Institute of Personality Development), NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) and NIESBUD (National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) and trained more than 4,00,000 Graduates to date in total.

This program is unique in multiple ways. To start with, unlike many other placement training, we provide “EDUTAINMENT’ based training and mentorship on various soft skills, communication skills and personality effectiveness. Hence, this program provides holistic training and also provides relevant interview opportunities to participants.

The edutainment model is a unique concept that infuses a blend of education and entertainment. We at ETOE believe that students remember best when they learn through fun activities and experiences. For example, to train a classroom of students on how to dress up for interviews, one can simply list out the various do’s and don’ts for dressing for interviews.

However, through the edutainment model, we divide the classroom into equal teams and play Dumb charades. Students from the team are encouraged to come forward and enact a sentence given – for instance: Avoid strong perfumes and makeup – the rest of the team guesses the statement and points are awarded accordingly.

Our team of trainers have curated over 200 activities for all topics, so one can be assured, we will never run short of innovative and fun-filled activities that will ensure learning in the best possible way.

In order to successfully get interview opportunities in companies, students must:

  • Succesfully pass the talent test
  • Have minimum 85% attendance in the entire program
  •  Complete the pre and post-assessments
  •  Attend the mock interviews
  •  Submit their updated resumes based on feedback given by the trainers

Being a holistic training program, the ELEVATE program focuses on multiple aspects of training including language and communication skills, soft skills and personality effectiveness through activities like role plays, dumb charades, treasure hunts and narrating mesmerizing stories.
Topics are listed below: 

We measure the success of the program by focusing on two aspects.

Firstly, by ensuring that a majority of the participants have improved their score in the post-assessment test as opposed to the pre-assessment test. This proves the level of improvement among participants which will be a clear indicating factor about the effectiveness of the training.

Secondly, by ensuring a good majority of the students we train are able to find themselves in a rewarding and fruitful career opportunity that is in sync with their goals and ambitions.

We have partnered with over 600+ companies from diverse industries and sectors, Students from any stream of education can be sure to find jobs in their field. Also, those students who are looking forward to changing domains and finding jobs in alternate sectors can also be assured to find various job opportunities at ETOE.

No, ETOE is not a job or placement consultancy. We are an ED-tech startup that focuses on End-to-End solutions of institutions right from admissions all the way to placements.
For more information, visit our website.

No there is no hidden charges. The student will not need to pay any amount for the guidance and training, for the interview opportunities and after getting placed. This program is purely a goodwill initiative of ETOE to help deserving candidates find good career opportunities.


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