Congratulations on registering at ETOE.

28th October 2021 to 10th November 2021
Timings: 2 PM to 6 PM

You are about to begin one of the most exciting stages in your life and every trainer, employee, at ETOE are committed to making it an enriching experience for you.

ETOE with its depth of culture, tradition and commitment to value-based quality training ensures that at the end of your period of training with us you are well prepared for your finest hour, i.e. stepping into your professional career. Whether you are beginning or continuing your training journey with us, we look forward to learning, exploring, and growing together.

The endorsement of the quality of training imparted at ETOE is the trust of 500+ Companies who have empaneled with us to recruit our corporate ready students.

Our advice to you is to take full advantage of the opportunities that we offer. The 36 Hr Free Training Program starts on Thursday, 28th October 2021 from 2PM to 10th November 2021.

Wishing you all the very best for a great, professionally enriching week ahead!

Your Trainer

Aktar's Picture

Aktharbanu A

Training Specialist at ETOE

Passion, Rectitude, and Continuous learning are the three words that describe Akhtar’s personality. A certified TTT and NLP trainer from a leading public speaking, TTT and Behavioural skills institute, (Talk to Us). Her hobbies are reading self-development books, articles and blogs, playing word games & crossword puzzles, watching movies, educational videos, screen casting videos about products, services & applications. Her areas of interests include fictional & motivational writing, creating video snippets on Personality Enhancement. For her training is the moral compass that should point towards an ethical direction and it has been a tool to shape young minds. Has spent 8 years in the corporate where the professional culture and personal ethics are apparently the opposite ends of the spectrum. The need for a positive change, situational awareness, and dynamic circumstances along with her passion for training urged her to step into the training industry in 2015. Since then, she has influenced more than 5000 individuals including students from school, college graduates, working professionals & entrepreneurs on various life skills & communication skills to enhance their personal and professional lives. Is an ardent believer of the saying ” Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”. Her ultimate aim is to inculcate life skills to the students and working professionals which is crucial for a successful career and build the ability to evolve and adapt to the change.

Training Instructions for Students

1. Always login to the meeting with the Email Id you have provided to your college (Attendance will not be marked if this is not followed)

2. Use the same Email Id provided to your college to fill the Pre-Assessment, Post-Assessment & Feedback Forms

3. Whenever you are being asked for an Email ID, always provide the Id you have provided to the college.

4. In case you are not aware of the Email Id you have provided or if it needs to be changed kindly reach out to your Coordinators.

5. At any point in time if you are being asked for an Email ID by anyone from us at ETOE, always ensure you provide the email Id you have provided to the college.

6. Kindly ensure you join the session 5 mins prior to commencement of the class. A maximum grace period of 5 mins will be given after the session begins. If a student attempts to join the session after 5 mins, he/she will not be permitted to enter the class and will be marked absent for the entire session.

7. Attendance is captured via screenshots during the session. If a student is not on the list, he/she will be marked absent.

8. No excuses will be entertained for missing any session

9. A student should maintain a minimum of 85% attendance Every Day to successfully complete the program. Students who do not have minimum attendance on any given day will not be allowed to attend the rest of the sessions, and will not be eligible for any placement opportunities through ETOE.

10. In order to be eligible for placement opportunities a student MUST:
a. Complete the Pre and Post Assessment test
b. Maintain 85% attendance
c. Complete the feedback form post-interview
d. Successfully complete the Mock Interview round
e. Share the updated resume within 24 hours of completion of the training program.

11. All students are expected to participate throughout the session, students who are not participative/ interactive will not be eligible for placement opportunities in top companies

12. Students will be evaluated throughout the session by the trainer and will be mapped to companies based on their performance and interaction during the session

13. It is compulsory for students to switch on their videos throughout the session, students who do not switch on their video cameras will be considered absent from the session. No excuses will be entertained in this regard

14. It is the duty and responsibility of the student to ensure a good device and Data Connection is available. At no point in time will excuses like slow network speed, data connectivity issues, be entertained. Students are expected to make sure that an alternate is available at all points in time.

15. Ensure you are seated in a quiet space and there is no background disturbance in your Audio and Video.

16. Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for the sessions. Thank you, and wishing you a great learning experience!!