About us


ETOE is a unique and innovative EdTech company with a mission is to help all the Graduating Students find the right job opportunities and take them from Education to Employment. ETOE is a one-stop solution for the needs of graduating students, and Colleges.

Every year on average, 2.5 crore students graduate from colleges in India. However, the Annual Employability Survey says only 20% of the graduating students are employable. The main reason for unemployability is the gap between Industry expectations and College Deliverables.

Bridging the gap between Industry and Colleges by training the students with Industry ready skills remains our top solution. Our services will ensure that colleges are not struggling for student placements, Industry visits, and Internships. ETOE’s Innovative products and services are positioned to upskill and thereby minimizing the gap of unemployment through the highest quality of services

We take pride in empanelling more than 600 top companies to facilitate the placements, internships, and industrial visits for students of Colleges based on their individual stream. Students trained and placed by ETOE are extremely delighted to be a part of our programs. Our ETOE ARCADE program not only helped the students acquire the necessary soft skills, aptitude but also prepared them to succeed in getting the job of their choice.

Vision & Mission

Culture & Values

Organizational culture is a combination of values, the shared goals, and the effort you put toward those goals. Our culture is built on how we recruit, develop, challenge, train, retain and reward employees. Our culture demonstrates to the employees that they are valued as individuals, and not just for what they do at the office. Our culture is based on a fundamental belief in people and their potential. We create an environment where our employees are motivated by their team members to discover new strengths and shine even brighter. We keep our entrepreneurial spirit alive within every team member in hard work, fun, and relishing the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.


To inspire and create value to the Community, Employees, Customers, Shareholders, and all the stakeholders of Education beyond profits by providing innovative products and solutions to the current problems.


Achieve our objectives by providing the highest quality products & services, by being innovative, by building strong relationships with our customers, suppliers & community, by providing a working environment of trust, recognition, entrepreneurship and integrity.

Below stated values are at the core of our culture.


We at ETOE believe that Integrity is the Hallmark of Business. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness. It also means the quality of possessing high moral principles or professional standards and steadfastly adhering to them.


We at ETOE constantly strive to redefine the standards of what we do. We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. We listen, learn and solicit the best ideas. Just ideas do not help businesses grow. We also know how to translate these ideas into results. Innovation is the key to continued growth and relevance in the market.


We at ETOE recognize that our customers are the reason for our business success, and we are committed to their needs. We connect with our customers and understand concerns from their point of view. We believe in building long-term relationships.


We at ETOE believe in bringing a group of competent individuals together, who are committed to the mission, are highly motivated, and enable them to comb their energy and expertise to achieve a common objective. We focus on collaboration between clients, vendors, system integrators, and through collaboration, we multiply our contribution. Together, we are stronger and can contribute more.


An attitude that ETOE lives by, which is easy to be open and honest in our communication in a direct, straightforward way without blaming, whining, avoidance or sarcasm. As an individual, this is to realize self-respect, courage, and inner wisdom and speak about what is essential for the organization without any offense.


We at ETOE are willing to take responsibility for our actions and are also accountable for our results. We strive to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that the goals of our organization are realised. Being accountable means that we are answerable for our actions and the actions of our teams.


We at ETOE take pride in our work and are happy to walk the extra mile to get the desired result. Our focus is on achieving results that add the best value for all our stakeholders. We are also focused on essential goals with expedient resolutions.