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  • Do you have a start-up dream? Do you want to write your own story by being a part of a fast-growing EdTech start-up?
  • Are you passionate to shape the future of education and Industry?
  • Are you looking forward to work under Professional Leadership with strong culture and values?
  • Are you looking forward to getting an opportunity to learn and grow every single day? Are you looking forward to work with management who listens to you and respects your opinion?
  • Are you looking forward to work with a company where you can be Open, Honest and Direct?
  • Are you looking forward to work with a company where it is OK to say,” I don’t know”?

If your answer to all of the above is,” YES” then this is your opportunity! The sky is the limit for your growth at “ETOE”, an EdTech Startup powered by Principle Circle Group.

Interested people may send their resume with a cover letter to [email protected]

Life at ETOE

Here is what our employees have to say about Life at ETOE

Working for ETOE is a

Wonderful Experience

Every day, I come here to work with the coolest people whom I have ever met with. To talk about the culture, it is something very professional and fun-loving filled with loads of honesty, integrity peppered with its innovative ideas and wonderful teamwork. Every person is accountable and responsible for their responsibilities at the office and no one even reminds you of that. After all my years of experience in other companies, I have encountered one company that is stuck to its value and is committed to run a business ethically and set new standards in the business world. It is determined to create a new history in perceptions of doing business and setting a benchmark for its values. It’s really a great feeling.

The growth opportunities to evolve as a multi-faceted personality are huge and at any given time, you will have a list of things to do. The culture of open, direct, and honest communication helps us to brush off our small egos and work in a congenial manner, collectively towards the team and organizational goals. Every day, I see myself pushing out of the comfort zone and every time, I am doing it, I find myself evolving and growing as a person.

– Mina Kataria, Training Specialist

It is a well-planned, organized goal-oriented company. When it comes to describing its culture, my experience has been very satisfactory. I say so because ETOE stands by its motto/core values. ETOE has given me the freedom and platform I looked forward to always during my job search. Freedom to speak and give opinions is something companies do not involve their employees in, but that is what ETOE asks for.

ETOE follows a very friendly approach and connects with its employees, empathizes and listens to concerns, and gives suggestions to come out of our problems. ETOE has built a transparent positive company culture, which improves employee engagement and participation, boosts motivation, and fosters collaboration/teamwork. Communication occurs freely/ openly between the management and team.
I am happy and proud of being a part of ETOE.

– Chandra Sekhar, Operations Support Manager


Committed to

the future of its students


I Own the process

and ETOE is my baby.

My journey with ETOE has been a very challenging one, I at ETOE have evolved as a content writer, trainer, voice-over specialist, Designer, and housekeeping specialist… I am proud to be like a fluid that can take the shape of any container ETOE shows.

ETOE evolved me by throwing challenges that I like to accept and conquer. It’s like a thriller what to expect rather than expect the unexpected and this has not only kept my spirits high but also kept the undiscovered creative juices flowing. It rather has allowed me to rediscover, reinvent and reskill myself to fit into the team.

The beauty is no one imposes a deadline or forces things on you with authority because we own it, so we love to do it. Our policies and visions are followed by all of us with the utmost regard. I am proud to be a part of an organisation that follows OPEN HONEST and Direct Policies. This is just not on paper but practiced which gives me the right to say, “I Own ETOE.” I Own the process and ETOE is my baby.

– Usha Jagadish, Training specialist

From being an Engineering Graduate to becoming a Trainer, it has been quite an exciting and interesting journey at every organization that I have worked with. Like any other person, I was in the pursuit of a breeding ground for my career and then I’ve found ETOE.

I joined as a Training Specialist in the month of October 2020. It’s been a great ride since then. This is a place where I found my anchor to Leadership, where things are taught and not commanded. A place where Values are respected and not judged. Learning, Applying, and Achieving is what we are up to. Whatever task we take up becomes our baby here and that’s the beauty of the Ownership that all of us are given. If asked what’s so special about ETOE, then I would say, “It’s the Culture that makes ETOE Unique by itself!”

– Sara Rose, Training specialist

It’s the Culture that

makes ETOE

Unique by itself!

ETOE is undoubtedly

an amazing place

to work.

ETOE is undoubtedly an amazing place to work. Startups always inspired me as I always believed responsibilities in some or the other way bring success. Upon joining, as usual, I was taken through the product, I was trained on what actually ETOE does in action. I was impressed and I liked the approach of how the vision and mission of the company were set.

This gave me confidence that I have made the right choice of working at ETOE. This shows how much the management believes and trusts the employees & cares for their well-being. I look forward to having great learning, take up the responsibilities, and have a mutual benefit. The more my work and outputs are recognized, I wish to be more likely to continue working hard and remain with the company for the long haul.

– Haily Gemsun, Graphic Designer

It is a great learning and sharing experience. In the beginning, I was struggling a bit, but my team was so supportive and competitive. I have got few good leaders who have been empowering me to express my leadership skills in my day-to-day work. Optimistic work culture, employee-centric approach, and best work-life balance helps you to learn everything on the job. I got a chance to handle multiple roles and that helped me to get an experience beyond price. If you are looking to challenge yourself and learn from the best, then ETOE is the place for great opportunities to grow and enhance your skills.

– Manohar Reddy, Digital Marketing Specialist

ETOE is the place for

opportunities to grow

and enhance your skills.

ETOE is going to impact

Impact thousands

of young Graduates

“It has been a wow journey so far. ETOE is an employee-centric organization where you can learn, unlearn and relearn. You have your own space to unleash your potentials. It offers a perfect work-life balance and a wonderfully diverse environment to work in. ETOE is going to impact thousands of young professionals across the country on part of their job search. I am very happy to implement ETOE values and upskill thousands of young professionals”.

– Pavan Bhargav, Business Development Associate

Life has always treated me well and I am proud to say that because I got to work with a company like ETOE. I am not saying this because I want to flatter ETOE’s work culture, vision, and values but it actually instils in us a bond and commitment wherein we want to do it.

We want to give in our best and we want the company to grow t. The ideas come to us proactively because each one of the employees owns them jointly. We have friends and guides and heads of families in the organization and here we don’t believe in hierarchy and that makes life at ETOE truly worth living.

-Divya G, Inside Sales Associate

ETOE doesn’t believe in

hierarchy and that makes

life at ETOE truly worth living.