Admissions Program


In the recent past, the migration rate from rural areas to urban areas as well as from one state to another state or country to pursue higher education is quite high. Most of the students are unaware of the institutes, and the courses they can take up. Therefore the parents and students seek the support of middlemen for admissions in various colleges. Despite spending a lot of time and money on these middlemen, the parents and students are still clueless about the process and transparency of their admission.

On the other hand, Colleges too are looking forward to getting students admitted into their Colleges without much of a hassle. Due to the lack of a good system to attract students, Colleges too are dependent on Middlemen. Despite their dependency on middlemen, the colleges are unable to fill the seats due to the reasons mentioned above.

ETOE is here, to provide a transparent process of admissions for both students and colleges. All the aspiring students for admission into colleges can log in to our “portal” for free or call our Customer Success team for further information.