Connect The Author Program


Teaching and learning is a process that includes many things and has many aspects to it. Most of the learning still happens in both physical and virtual platforms where they exchange views, questions, and answers. Students learn and understand better when they are taught by accomplished and experienced teachers. Many students go through textbooks and are unaware of their Authors. Learning and interacting directly with Authors will not only boost student’s performance but also help them to understand the subject better.

ETOE provides the opportunity to students where they can hear and interact directly with the authors of their academic books and industry leaders. This will provide a real-time experience to students and can be a life-changing experience. Students get benefited from these interactions; they can focus on better understanding the subject matter. Students with specific education targets require personalized instruction from experts. This platform can help them in getting the proper guidance from the experts. Experts can teach the skills needed to succeed in any academic environment. The real goal of this platform isn’t to improve a student’s grade in one subject area; it’s to transform students into independent and lifelong learners.

Advantages of ETOE ALTURA