Vendors Connect Program


College infrastructure plays a vital role in providing a congenial environment and quality education to students. Colleges need to identify the required physical and digital infrastructure and for this, and they need to research on availability and procure quality assets with superior service and support at optimal prices. These manufacturers, dealers, or suppliers of various such materials or equipment are at distant places or dispersed locations that do not fall within the reach of the colleges. A few times, though the college has access to facilities, they would not perform additional research on getting better service or quality product at an optimal price and would avail the services as is and as per vendor list.

On the other hand, the Vendors which include manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers too cannot do door-to-door marketing to remind the college time and again about their needs. This wide gap between the vendor and institute could be addressed by sharing a common platform with access to the requirement from colleges with a search facility for specific equipment or service-based vendors.

ETOE provides the platform that helps to obtain high-quality goods and services at competitive prices as we partner with businesses that serve the markets we serve.