Parents: Is your graduating son heading in the right direction?

Parenting can be quite a challenge for most of us and managing teenagers was never easy. We know exactly what to help them with and when to help. While we continue to remain available and are always ready to help, our teenagers no longer seem to need it anymore.

Sometimes we lose track of how we can help and what we can do to be there for them. They are in a space we have hardly explored and so we are uncertain of what to do and what not to. Therefore, many of us comfort ourselves by saying “Our child is grown up now and can make the right choices, so we are leaving him/her free”

Your Child wants to be free, of course! But being free and being independent is very different. Freedom is the fact that you are ok with everything your child does. Where they go, what they do, and who they hang out with. Now, we agree, that freedom is necessary too, but independence is ensuring your child can stand on their own two feet, that’s not just necessary. Independence is compulsory.

You have done a great job in holding your child’s hand till their high school. It’s only a few more years and they will be independent. Young adults need parental guidance and motivation to encourage them about finding the right jobs. Motivating them to get out of their comfort zones and make a future for themselves.

Most young students are extremely anxious about what life in the workspace is going to be, they need someone they can trust to give them that reassurance, and who better than you? Their beloved parents.

Unfortunately, most graduating students are unemployable. Not because they lack subject knowledge, but because they lack Soft-Skills and Communication Skills. You’d be shocked when we tell you that over 90% of the graduated students we speak to, aren’t even aware of how an interview works or how to create an effective resume.

We want to help. At ETOE, we want to work with you so that we motivate, coach, and mentor each and every student and turn them from Young and Free Children to Mature and Independent Adults. That’s when together we can both say, we did a Great Job!!!

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