Sagarika's Success Story

Hi, My name is Danthala Sagarika and I am a fresh graduate from Brilliant Group of Technical Institutions. I am delighted to share my success story with you and tell you how my life has taken a complete turn.

I come from a very humble background. My father works as a helper to the line-Man and my mother is a homemaker. My father’s earnings are quite meagre, and it has always been very difficult for us to manage our household expenses with his income. From a very young age, I began conducting tuitions for school students in order to help my family financially. We would also depend on my mother’s sister to help us when we were in dire need of funds.

I had a lot of pressure to excel in my studies so that I would one day be able to support my family better. I used to focus all my attention on studies as we could not afford resources for hobbies or recreation. My dedication to my studies helped me secure good marks and earn a scholarship to cover the cost of my education. I always knew I had to be better than my peers if I needed to find a good job that would pay me well. The burden of finding a good job was always on my shoulders.

My family and I struggled to save small amounts so that I could gather a certification in Java and Full Stack Development. I used to rely a lot on freely available resources on the internet. When I learnt that ETOE was offering a training and placement opportunity I put all my resources and effort into the program. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about this program as I was unaware of the company, but I knew within me that this could be my chance to find my dream job.

I attended all days of the ETOE ARCADE workshop without fail and participated wholeheartedly. I watched my friends take it lightly and even miss a few classes, although I felt like joining them, I made it a point never to miss a single session.

Soon after we were done with the training program we started getting opportunities from ETOE. I sat for the first opportunity that came my way and with constant motivation and support from the Team at ETOE, I got placed in SS&C Company for a 5.48L package.

SS&C Technologies LogoI am extremely thankful to everyone at ETOE for their efforts in helping students like me be able to proudly stand on their feet independently. I hope to one day help many more students like me who deserve our support.

My Message to my friends and batchmates is, never let your financial status hold you back. Hard work and sincerity will surely pay off and you are bound to succeed.

Thank you ETOE for bringing so much of Joy and Happiness to me and my family and being a wonderful pillar of support, I wish you all the best and continued success as you transform the lives of so many students.