Sridhar's Success story

Hi, my name is Sridhar Modalavalasa and I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. I am delighted to share my success story with everyone associated with ETOE.

Back in 2014 everyone in my family was extremely proud of my achievement, I had scored 92% in my tenth board exams. I come from a very humble background. My father is a painter and the only breadwinner in our family. So, when I scored 92% everyone was happy that I would soon be able to help my family overcome all the difficulties we were facing.

Our happiness did not last for long. A few days after my results my father had fallen quite sick and after multiple medical tests, we discovered he suffered from kidney failure. Since then, life has been a bitter struggle for me and my family. My father continued to go to work as he wanted my brother and me to afford our college fees and have good jobs.

It always hurt to see him go to work even on days when he was unwell. But his efforts were what motivated me to work hard and do well in life. I was enrolled in ANITS, Vishakhapatnam for EEE and I was pursuing my engineering. During this time, my father’s condition worsened and he was asked to begin doing blood dialysis. I knew I couldn’t wait to start working and be able to help my family financially.

I graduated in 2020 and due to the pandemic, I did not have any companies in college for campus placement. The lockdown was an extreme challenge as it was taking a major toll on our finances and my father was unable to find work. There was a lot of pressure on me to start working, however, no company was hiring.

After a year’s struggle, just when I was losing all hope, I came across the ETOE EKALAVYA Program. The poster mentioned they were looking for freshers from economically weaker backgrounds struggling to find a job. That was exactly who I was. I decided to submit my application and a few days later I got a call from the team. I was told it’s a dialogue where Ma’am asked me many questions about my life and my passion and my family.

I was later informed that I was eligible for the EKALAVYA program which is a free training and placement program. My trainers did a wonderful job in preparing me for the sessions. Even though the program was free the team was so professional and provided excellent quality.

Post my training I received job opportunities as promised by ETOE. I got placed in Softility Incorporation as a Python Developer. I am so happy that I can finally allow my father to rest, and I can support my family and my fathers’ medical needs. Thank you to everyone at ETOE. I wish you are able to help many more students like me who really need your help and support.

I have heard many times that nothing in this world is free, and even if something is free there will be a catch. But ETOE has proved this wrong.

Thank you ETOE for changing my life.