Industry Ready Skills Program


After coming across numerous publications claiming that over 90% of Indian Graduates are not fit for hiring owing to their lack of soft-skills. We at ETOE understood this is not something we were proud of and decided that we would contribute to change these statistics for the better. 

Keeping this in mind we have curated the ARCADE program.

How ETOE ARCADE program Works?

What skills are taught in ETOE ARCADE program?

Why should students join ETOE ARCADE PROGRAM?

The ARCADE program is a holistic training and placement workshop for graduation and post-graduation students. The program begins with a pre-assessment and then curated training is provided to students based on the assessment. Upon completion of the program, students go through a post-assessment and are then provided three interview opportunities from among our partner companies.

ARCADE stands for:
A – Assess (Assess capabilities of students)
R – Review (Review areas of strength and opportunities)
C – Coach (Conduct an in-depth training workshop on Employability Skills)
A – Accelerate (Ensure students are ready to take on the challenge of finding the right job)
D – Develop (Focusing on improving professional and personal effectiveness)
E – Employ (Dedicated to finding students the right jobs based on their skills and strengths)

This program is available to any graduation or post-graduation student who is individually looking to find the best career opportunity available in the market. Colleges are also welcome to participate in this program where training and placement opportunities are provided to all students of the institution

Being a holistic training program, the arcade program focuses on multiple aspects of training including language and communication skills, soft skills and personality effectiveness through activities like role plays, dumb charades, treasure hunts and narrating mesmerizing stories.

Our Top-notch training specialists come from a very strong background of Public Speaking, Soft Skills and Certifications. Our trainers are highly qualified and each of them pride as experts in the area of “Placements”. They have a combined experience in training of 100+ years.
Our trainers are certified from BIPD (British Institute of Personality Development), NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) and NIESBUD (National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) and trained more than 4,00,000 Graduates till date in total.

This program is unique in multiple ways. To start with, unlike many other placement trainings, we provide “EDUTAINMENT’ based training and mentorship on various soft-skills, communication skills and personality effectiveness. Hence, this program provides a holistic training and also guarantees three interview opportunities to participants.

The edutainment model is a unique concept that infuses a blend of education and entertainment. We at ETOE believe that students remember best when they learn through fun activities and experiences. For example, to train a classroom of students on how to dress up for interviews, one can simply list out the various do’s and don’ts for dressing for interviews.
However, through the edutainment model, we divide the classroom into equal teams and play Dumb charades. Students from team are encouraged to come forward and enact a sentence given – for instance: Avoid strong perfumes and make up – the rest of the team guesses the statement and points are awarded accordingly.
Our team of trainers have curated over 200 activities for all topics, so one can be assured, we will never run short of innovative and fun filled activities that will ensure learning in the best possible way.

At the end of the program, all participants are given a minimum of FIVE interview opportunities, based on their credentials, at our various partner firms. Students are encouraged to participate in these interviews and land themselves a job they truly deserve.

Any student, whether currently studying or recently passed-out who completes the ARCADE program through ETOE is eligible for the guaranteed opportunities.

Yes, this program is absolutely customizable. Upon completion of the registration formalities our team of experts will get in touch with you to understand your requirement so as to provide the best program outcomes. Our standard model is for 36 hours and covers topics like Communication Skills (LSRW), Goal Setting, Student Personality Effectiveness, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building and Leadership, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Campus to Corporate transition, Resume Writing, Group Discussion, Personal Interviews, Aptitude, and Verbal Ability.

While the ultimate goal of this program is to ensure students are placed in the best opportunities, the training focuses on not just the standard topics like GD, PI, and Resume building, but also focuses on various soft skills and communication skills topics to ensure students receive a holistic development.

We measure the success of the program by focusing on two aspects.
Firstly, by ensuring that a majority of the participants have improved their score in the post-assessment test as opposed to the pre-assessment test. This proves the level of improvement among participants which will be a clear indicating factor about the effectiveness of the training.
Secondly, by ensuring a good majority of the students we train are able to find themselves in a rewarding and fruitful career opportunity that is in sync with their goals and ambitions.

We have partnered with over 600+ companies from diverse industries and sectors, Students from any stream of education can be sure to find jobs in their field. Also, those students who are looking forward to changing domains and finding jobs in alternate sectors can also be assured to find various job opportunities at ETOE.