Have you heard of Adaptability Quotient?

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For years, it’s been believed that one’s intelligence quotient (IQ) is the sole predictor of one’s success in life. After years of continuous research, IQ was quickly replaced by an Emotional intelligence Quotient (EQ) which is a person’s ability to understand people and work cooperatively with others. Now we have an Adaptability quotient (AQ), the ability to adapt to and thrive in an environment of change. Too many people are failing at their jobs for lacking this important skill. We must learn to be agile and adaptable. This will drive us from our comfort zone to the learning zone. The advantages of practising adaptability skill are

  1. We learn to embrace challenges better
  2. We become  better leaders 
  3. We become comfortable in experimenting with new things

Adaptability is a brilliant life skill that enhances both our personal and professional life, so let’s start working on strengthening our adaptability skills.

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