Who is your Chellam Sir?

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India’s Small screen fans impatiently waited for two years to watch the second series of very successful Family Man Franchisee. As expected, it is filled up with power-packed thrills and frills with a special mention of Samantha’s lightning performance. As “Raji” she delivered an electrifying performance. In fact, everyone did a pretty good job, but Samantha’s Raji character dominated the season.

Interestingly besides all these roles, one role that caught everyone’s attention was,” Chellam Sir”. This character is a five-minute character on two different occasions but made a huge impact on viewers. I am not sure even makers of the series would have thought that Chellam Sir would get this prominence.

Why a Five-minute Chellam Sir‘s character is important for everyone? What can we learn from Chellam Sir’s character?

Let us look at Who is this Chellam Sir and What exactly Chellam Sir did in the movie.

Chellam Sir is a retired officer from the National Investigation Agency (NIA). He is known to be a highly paranoid, intelligent man who has answers to any questions even after retirement. He helped Shrikant Tiwari (played by Manoj Bajpayee) on two occasions when Tiwari was looking for leads. Uday Mahesh who played the role of Chellam Sir stole the entire aura of the screen with his calm, wise, attentive, and composed expressions. Shrikant Tiwari and his team’s life would have been upside down without Chellam Sir.

Chellam Sir’s character was of a Mentor and Influencer.

Do you have someone that you can dial when you are directionless?

In life, everyone’s success depends on how resourceful they are. No one has answers for everything and hence having a mentor in life is the most important aspect. Mentors teach you and come to your rescue when you have to deal with the most complex situations, just like Shrikant Tiwari had to deal with uncertainty. People follow their mentors not only because of their ability to resolve the issues but also, they have done it in their life. Mentoring is an ongoing relationship that can last for a long period.

Good mentors are pivotal during major downsides of our life, both personally and professionally. They can steer you towards a clear vision, get you out of a disaster, provide viewpoints that you can’t think and see. Everyone can find mentors. One must recognize that Mentors are not Super Stars, they are ordinary people with an extraordinary injunction.


Motivational speaker Les Brown said, “Ask for help not because you’re weak, but because you want to remain strong.” We all need help at different stages of life.

So, how do we find a great mentor? What specific attributes to look for in a Mentor?  The following are the most important characteristics of a great mentor.

  1. A Good Mentor is a Good Listener:

    Dalai Lama once said, “if you keep talking, you only repeat what you know but if you listen there is a chance that you can learn something new”. That is the power of listening. There is a difference between hearing and listening. Most of the time we hear instead of listening. Listening means, the rest of the world should stop for you and the entire focus is on what was said.

  2. A Good Mentor is Brutally Honest:

    They are very open, honest, and direct. They do not sugarcoat anything. Brutally honest means speaking their mind without caring for how someone may feel or think. It also means everything they say is true and straightforward.

  3. A Good Mentor is Approachable:

    Being approachable is key for an honest relationship and makes people feel at ease. People can approach them without any hesitation and talk about almost anything. They make themselves available to the people who seek guidance. People also approach freely when the Mentors have a great sense of humour.

  4. A Good Mentor is Knowledgeable:

    It is said, “Knowledge is Power”. Being Knowledgeable is the first step to be confident in the world. The more knowledgeable you are, the more people seek your help in channelling their life. A knowledgeable person is a constant learner and teacher.

  5. A Good Mentor is Curious than Judgemental:

    Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”. Curiosity is an important trait of a Genius and is the foundation of innovation. Curious people always ask questions and that is how they grow. Curious people detach themselves from the judgment which makes them give a rational solution.

  6. A Good Mentor is a Great Story Teller:

    Telling stories is one of the most effective ways of making people understand the intent and spirit. People love hearing the stories as it connects life, culture, history, and learning. Storytellers influence and inspire people as it connects them in some form.

  7. A Good Mentor Gives Constructive Feedback:

    Constructive feedback is very essential to improve ourselves. Unfortunately, people either do not give feedback or give negative feedback. Constructive feedback is a mechanism of giving feedback that provides specific actionable items to reinforce the positive behaviour.

Don’t you think CHELLAM SIR has all the above!

Now tell me Do you have a Chellam Sir in your life and where is your Chellam Sir?

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