The power of listening to learn

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Once when Pandavas and Kauravas were young, during the dinner, suddenly the lamps were blown off due to heavy winds.

So, everyone was asked to stop eating & wait till the lamps were lighted again.

Royal tradition is that no one should eat in darkness.

All the children followed the protocol and stopped eating except Bheema.

He was unable to resist eating. So, by the time lights were back his plate was almost empty.

Later, his mother Kunti asked Bheema, “How did you eat in dark?” Bheema replied,” As everything is in its specific place only I’ve no problem in eating the things”.

Arjuna, who was quietly listening to the conversation got amazed by Bheema’s answer and this answer raised thinking in Arjuna.

He thought if Bheema can eat with his perception of things even without light, why can’t I shoot at the things in the dark because things would be in their place only.

Thus, he started practicing archery in the dark.

One day Guru Dronacharya observed it and was stunned about Arjuna’s thinking and learning.

Arjuna thus became one of the best archers in the world. His mastery came from focus and great listening skills.

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