APJ Abdul Kalam – A Karma Yogi

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There are many inspirational stories about Kalam Sir, I would like to share one on his Birthday

Some ISRO scientists were returning from, French Guiana, after overseeing the testing of the INSAT-4B communications satellite. After checking their passports, the airport officers continued to escort them. Confused, the scientists asked if there was any problem when the officer said they had orders to do so.

A senior officer then asked them to access the VIP Lounge of the Airline as their flight was scheduled after three hours. When the scientists told them that they had economy tickets, the officer informed that president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was boarding a flight from the same terminal a few hours back, and had informed them that scientists from ISRO would be using their services as there is a satellite launch. He also requested them to take care of them.

Amused, the scientists stayed in the lounge for those 3 hours and later left on their flight. Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Kalam remembered that there was a launch scheduled and that many scientists would be traveling to and from India to ensure a successful mission.

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