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Job Market in 2021

The Indian job market is improving slowly and steadily after the pandemic. The return of the job market to normalcy is a sign of hope. As organizations are re-aligning to the new normal, they are anticipating an upsurge in the demand for the right talent to tackle challenges that the post-pandemic world would bring. 

Some notable trends that will become key in the Indian job market post-pandemic are as follows.

1.Work from home to stay

One of the most interesting behavioural shifts that the Indian workforce has seen as a green shoot to the pandemic is the remote working culture. Sectors such as BPO/ITES, IT, Education/Teaching and Internet/Ecommerce are major contributors to WFH jobs. Many organizations have observed that WFH is more productive. Many companies are taking measures to ease their employees into the whole WFH culture, this trend is clearly here to stay.

2.The upskilling trend to continue

It is highly impossible to sustain in the market if one does not upskill from time to time. Competitions at the workplace fuel the need. Modern young professionals are different from those of the previous generations; these jobseekers are focusing on self-development through up-skilling, brushing their domain knowledge and taking professional help even in building their resumes. If one does not adopt changing needs and upskill, it is very difficult to stay in the competitive race. 

3.Remote Hiring will be the new norm

Since most companies will be hiring virtually in the coming year job seekers should focus on preparing for online assessment & virtual interviews to ace the opportunity that comes their way. Top HR Experts recommend getting comfortable with the webcam as campus hiring too has taken a remote approach, and candidates are being judged on how well they adapt to situations out of their comfort zone.

4.IT Industry to grow

The IT sector has been the least impacted sector when it comes to hiring this year. With more companies taking on the route of digital transformation during the pandemic, the IT sector will continue to grow. There will be plenty of opportunities for the right talents.

5.Scope for Freelancing and Part-time roles

In this tough job market, job seekers should be open to freelancing and part-time jobs to gain some experience in their respective domains. Instead of only focusing on full-time roles, picking up work on a project basis to strengthen their resume will be key and will become a tool to network with prospective clients.

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