Work from Home is Bad for Society and Economy

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Covid-19 has forced many to work from home and for the short term, it is OK. But Many Industry Giants are stating that part or whole of their teams will work from home permanently and this can be a disaster!

First and foremost, it will affect the company culture. Company culture is fostered by people coming together not people moving farther. People have fun working together in teams, not in isolation.

Secondly, people who work from home will lose the opportunity to connect and network thereby feeling isolated with not much social life. With decreased social life anxiety jumps in and will affect their mental health.

On the Economy front, work from home will negatively affect the Real estate industry, Transportation Industry, Auto Industry, Oil Industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Leather Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Paper Industry, Stationery &Office equipment Industry.

There was a reason the way the offices have worked and changing it without a full understanding can lead to calamity. Governments and Industries must look into this very closely before jumping into the work from home culture.

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