ETOE ARCADE program: A Unique program to build employability skills of Students

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Soft Skills play an indispensable part in one’s life. They play a crucial part in job search and in an overall career than one can think. According to the survey conducted, recruiters chose soft skills topped by dependability, teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, decision making, leadership, and critical thinking as the most important skills they are seeking in the new hires.

Often students with a very high score don’t make it to the final round. The reason is the lack of required skill sets and owing to this many students lose the opportunity to get placed. There is a complete mismatch between education and employment. The need of the hour is to strengthen them on honing their skill sets to have an edge in the employment market.

Keeping the current challenges of Employability in mind ETOE has designed the program ‘ARCADE’ to bridge these skill gaps. This ‘ARCADE’ program is a comprehensive training and placement program for both undergraduate and post-graduate students to hone their skill sets. The word ARCADE is an acronym that stands for
A – Assess (assess capabilities of students)
R – Review (review areas of strengths and opportunities)
C – Coach (conduct in-depth training on employability skills)
A – Accelerate (ensure students are ready to take on the challenge of finding the right job)
D – Develop (focusing on improving professional and personal effectiveness)
E – Employ (dedicated to finding students the right jobs based on their skills)

The program starts with a pre-assessment test for students. Based on the assessment, training is provided to students on various Soft Skills topics and Aptitude to make them industry-ready, followed by a post-assessment test, and then students are provided with a minimum of three interview opportunities with the companies.

The program is an integrated model of both education and entertainment coined together as ‘Edutainment’ where learning happens through fun-filled activities, games, and storytelling. Our standard model covers various topics like Communication Skills (LSRW), Goal Setting, Personality Effectiveness, Decision Making, and Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, and Leadership skills, Presentation skills and Public Speaking, Resume building, Interview Skills, Campus vs Corporate, GD, Personal Interviews, Aptitude, and Verbal Ability.

The program can be customizable based on the requirement. The goal of the training program is not only to provide placements but also to help in the holistic development of the students.

What makes this ARCADE program unique is that at the end of the training every student is provided with a minimum of three interview opportunities that are in sync with their goals and ambitions. With more than 500+ companies being partnered with ETOE from various industries and sectors, finding the right job for the right candidate makes the ARCADE program matchless.

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